It’s great to have a signature to your email, not only does it save you time every time you send an email to someone, but it also allows you to add links to your websites so that people you interact with can easily see how they can connect with you elsewhere too.

A signature can look like this for example:

This is how you set it up on Roundcube: (Which you get when you sign up for hosting )

Log in to your cPanel  > Webmail

  1. Select Roundcube application
  2. Click on the Personal Settings on the Right Top Panel
  3. Select Identities Tab.
  4. Double Click on the Email you want to create the signature to.
  5. Write/create your signature.
  6. Click Save after you are done.
  7. Go to Preference tab and check on the box for Compose HTML messages and Save.
After you’re done: test it:
Now you have your signature ready and it will be inserted automatically in every email you send.

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