A collator of personalized web content, Your Version is supposedly “the best way to discover new and relevant content tailored to your interests”. Searching everything from videos to blogs, Tweets to web sites, and products to news, Your Version can be your daily source of customized content. Called a “Real-time Discovery Engine” by the company, Your Version gives you real-time results / updates not based on any one keyword, but your specific interests. It is also significantly different from an RSS reader because it dose not rely on your subscriptions to display content, but instead, compiles content real-time based on your interests.

Your Version has a simple and uncluttered interface. Simply feed in your “interests” when signing up (you can add/delete new interests at any time), and find your real-time listings of the latest relevant content that is filtered by one or all interests. Have a slow Internet connection? Then click on “Condensed View” for an even simpler text-based listing interface.

You can bookmark interesting content on the site itself, and return to it simply and easily, whenever you want. You can also allow the site to auto-organise pages by interest. Sharing is especially easy on Your Version, allowing for Face-book, Twitter, and email-based sharing options, right on the listing page itself. You can also give a thumb rating to each article/piece of content.

Other interesting applications of Your Version are the iPhone, iPad, Android app and mobile site, as well as the easy-to-use Firefox toolbar.

The site was launched in September 2009, and has since won numerous awards at prestigious events. Click here to visit YourVersion.

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