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Creating Job Opportunities in Burdwan

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Burdwan - 05/08/2013 – Solution, a Burdwan-based IT company, is offering job opportunities to Burdwan residents. Burdwan is a small city and it therefore follows that Solution’s presence here has greatly impacted the local economy. Most of the jobs available are for B. Tech and computer engineers.


The company has a popular trainee program where trainees get exposed to real industry projects and the latest in IT technology. The training is done by an experienced and dedicated team. Many of the trainees who have undergone this training have ended up working for big names in the IT industry.


Trainees and employees joining Solution get exposed to a complete spectrum of Internet, e-business, and communication technology services. The organization is no-nonsense, programmatic, and performance oriented. Solution only hires the brightest talents, meaning anybody joining the organization will benefit from sharing with others and from the synergy.


The company practices humanistic management, allowing people to have the freedom necessary for enhanced creativity and for job satisfaction. If you originally from Burdwan and you want to train in your home town or you simply want to work with one of the best IT companies in India, Solution is the place to go.


About Solution 


Solution is one of the leading software, Web hosting, and Web development companies in India. The company serves clients in India and elsewhere in the world. We have over 10,000 clients in 12 different countries worldwide. The company has different services and products. The services include Web design services, including blog development, personal portfolio, and CMS, eCommerce applications services, including online store setup and online payment processing, and graphics design, including flyer and banner, brochure, and logo design. Other services include information portal, job portal, video chat portal, and social networking portal development, SEO and online promotion using only White Hat SEO tactics, and domain registration services, among others. Our products include Web applications such as solCMS which allows you to easily and quickly update your website as well as mobile applications. If you would like to work with us or to be trained by our experienced team, send us your CV/Bio-data through




B.C. Road, Ranigang Bazar (2nd Floor Priti Studio), Burdwan – 713101, West Bengal - India

Phone, Office:  +(91)-342-2569049 and +(91)-865-369-4046




Focusing on SEO: Why Run an SEO Campaign? | need of seo

Focusing on SEO: Why Run an SEO Campaign? | need of seo

Every business, big or small, needs to run a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. There are several reasons for this.

SEO is the process of improving the ranking of a website in search engine results pages. This is important because most surfers only consider what is in the first page. Statistics show that 60% of all clicks go to the first result in the SERP(Search Engine Results Pages) in Google.

SEO not only increases your visibility and consequently your conversion rates, but it also brings you out as an expert in your niche. Most surfers erroneously believe that companies that rank higher are better than those that rank lower and you should take advantage of this.

People trust Google and SEO is, therefore, a way of building your brand and of doing reputation management. With over 250,000,000 websites on the World Wide Web, appearing on the first page of SERP(Search Engine Results Pages)  truly makes you stand out.

SEO is important because your competitors are probably doing it. Catching up will be very difficult if you are left behind. This is particularly so if you sell products/services over the Internet. Establishing a good website and having superior products will not help you if you do not run an SEO campaign.

SEO is important because the SEO process will give you valuable data. You will get information on what your customers are looking for, the demographics of your customers, the frequency of purchase, and other valuable customer data. Good SEO companies give you regular SEO reports. This data will help you with product development.

The SEO process involves working on such aspects of your website as the code, graphics, loading speed, navigation, and content. This leads to a general improvement of your site which further improves your conversion rates.

You should run an SEO campaign because the results you get are low cost compared to those of such PPC campaigns as AdWords. SEO results are permanent. Although you have to make some effort to maintain your top 10 spot, the effort is minimal.

You should, however, ensure that your SEO campaign is White Hat. Black Hat SEO tactics like cloaking and spamdexing could get your site banned while Grey Hat SEO tactics such as duplicate content are never effective with the regular Google Penguin updates. Consider such tactics as link building, XML sitemap creation, social bookmarking, and the creation of quality content.


Why do you need SEO? and things you should know about SEO

Today, the meaning of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) positively cannot be denied or even looked upon as website designer or, especially when you are into an e-commerce small or big business. Every day the market wants a new selling method. In online the market is Whole Wide World, so your market also so big that our old promotion technique is not enough. This is where SEO helps by making your site search engine friendly and taking your website to your potential customers, helping you to achieve conversions.

However, in the SEO work in a way that designers of your site needs to build the site according to modern SEO standards so that most search engines can index the important information of your site very easily. A lot of companies utilize unethical and illegal methods to achieve quick returns, which results very badly in log term as those sites are penalized by search engines for using those methods.

If you have just commenced your website but you are not receiving an excellence appropriate traffic to your website, the first thing you need to do is hire an SEO company who can implement proper SEO techniques. This would help you list your site with the popular search engines like yahoo, Google, MSN, Ask, etc.

Some Points you should know about SEO. 

  • Your domain name must be related to what you have in the site
  • Your site should have enough related  information so that your site is consider a good site, no matter how much tricks and techniques you use, without good content none of the efforts will pay off. So pay for a good content writer to get your sites content properly written and organize.
  • Choose keywords based on your industry and location, like if you are selling cycle’s in Mumbai, then your keywords should be “Mumbai cycles” or “the area name + cycle” instead of just “cycle”, as this will narrow down the competition for the keyword and you will have good chance to appearing at the first page of search engines.
  • Your domain name must be at least 3-6 months old to get proper recognition form the search engines.
  • Hire Professional SEO Company, who will use their expertise to build your site based on the search engines guidelines.
  • Most importantly SEO takes time, and it’s a continues process, so you have to be patient for the first 3-6 months before you see big results, and you need to keep working on SEO to get the same results day after day.



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