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Below is the list of few of our mobile application projects that we completed within these past years.

  • Vastu Tips - According to Vastu Shastra our World comprises five basic elements known as the "pancha maha bhoota". EARTH (Bhumi), WATER (Jala), AIR (Vayu), FIRE (Agni) and SPACE (Akasha). The Way of Vastu speaks of the laws of balance and harmony, which can be felt through the natural flow of universal forces. Our application is very helpful to every creator to take decision because it explains how to create an environment in accordance with the laws of nature.
  • Easy Accounts - We be bothered about systematize our money because one mistake could be destroy budget plan and incurred a loss. With the help EA of as every transaction is recorded, tracked and categorized. you're on your way. Every time every income - expenses record is in your pocket. No need to keep all in mind or lots of paper work.
  • Inspire - Collection of inspirational and motivational quotations, whenever someone feeling down or have a frightening personal problem, turn to our application for some inspiration and words of wisdom. It's not said that he or she can scary his or her personal problem but he or she can inspire and defeat the problem.
  • Easy Flip - Need a coin to take decision for about coin? Our mobile application gives you the same function with help of you mobile. It works like same as you when flip a coin. Don't worry about lot of effort to flip the coin and losing it.

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